Fleet Service
The Fleet Service offers your organisation and your colleagues the opportunity to have all your cycles maintained during a pre-booked period of time. We can asses and repair all your cycles during that period. Why not inform your colleagues of this service? The advantage of the Fleet Service is that it saves you making an individual appointment and does not need to affect your daily routine because we come to your premises to fix the cycles. The Fleet Service uses the Rolling Package (tune up) as the default service and customers will get a discount off the price = 500 kr per bike (extra cost for new parts if needed). If some cycles need more work than the Rolling Package that is of course also possible. Those cycles will be charged separately according to the work carried out and this will not affect the discount for the other cycles. This service works beautifully and is hugely appreciated by staff as they are provided with a cost effective and convenient service which helps keep them cycling and happy!

Fleet Service
Discounted package for 4 or more cycles in 1 appointment.
Save up to 15 % with a group booking in one location. The Fleet Service is based on the standard on-site safety check Rolling Package and tune up.

Service =
Wheels (minor truing/straightening)
Brakes (adjusting + lubricate)
Gears (adjusting + lubricate)
Chain (clean + lubricate)
Cables (check + lubricate)
Tyre pressure (check)
Tightening lose nuts bolts

500Kr (plus parts)