About Us
The idea behind the Sykkeldoktor mobile cycle repair service is to offer a convenient alternative for cycle maintenance. It can at times be inconvenient and problematic to bring your cycle to a bicycle shop and the turn around time for repairs can be some weeks. The aim of Sykkeldoktor is to reduce that waiting time and offer a more personal service. Sykkeldoktor is wholly based on cycle maintenance and not sales.

"During the early 1990s, I worked as a cycle courier for the biggest and busiest company in London for three years. In that intense environment a safe cycle can be a matter of life, death, or serious injury. It was there I became aware of the importance of a cycle being in an optimum, safe working order. Every week I would strip and rebuild my own cycle and pretty soon I was employed by my colleagues to give the same attention to their cycles.

Over the past 20 years I have built on my cycle maintenance experience and as a small business owner I have a consistent history of customer satisfaction. That remains my focus today. After moving to Oslo I came up with the idea of the mobile repair service. Since setting up the Sykkeldoktor business in Oslo in September 2009 I have repaired a number of cycles for satisfied customers, including fleet repairs for organisations, and have a growing client base."

Manager of Sykkeldoktor